Right Deadbolt to Secure

A deadbolt lock mechanism uses cylinder locks with key, proving a good security against any break-in. But choosing the correct type of lock for safety of your business important ,and for that you need to consider the few things ;

A single cylinder deadbolt only accepts the from one side and knob twisting from other side. Double cylinder deadbolt have a key access from both sides ,therefore not requiring the knob twist to unlock but consist of security issues and is not reliable in the case of emergencies as they do not allow to escape until right is used to unlock the bolt.

The deadbolt considered should pass ANSI i.e. American National Standard Institute specification that, the deadbolt has been tested 250,000 for open and close cycles that could withstand 10 hammer blows without giving in.

Underwriters laborites is also one of the organization to test products and determine its standard for high security locks Miami locksmith that can resists attacks of picking, drilling etc.

The metal plate mounted on the door receiving the bolt should be placed using 3 inch screws that secures the metallic plate to the door and doesn’t give off easily at the attempt of breaking doors break-in. The key control is very important policy to be considered as any activity of lock is powerless without the right key of the lock.


A deadbolt that passes all the above specification can withstand to stop the intruders from accessing your property and also little peace of mind.